The 'Lazy Man's' Package

from Sport of Kings

This is all great but, i live in Somewheresville, Wisconsin. Can't you guys come to me? With this package, we can. The full 7 piece SoK will fly to your town and hang out for a day, talk music, maybe you can show us the sights? Then we'll play a show in a local club if we can arrange it, at your house or wherever you choose. Before the show, let's all go for dinner on us, where you'll learn why Kevin doesn't eat shellfish anymore. Is Matt a vegan? You'll find out all this and more.

Comes with Free Jazz 7" and Logic House EP.

Bandcamp does not allow us to enter a figure of more than $1,000 for any item, but this package will set you back a crisp $10,000. You were warned!

ships out within 1 day
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  $1,000 USD or more 



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